About Us

Power today is all about engagement. In order to achieve meaningful impact, leaders must connect with a diverse array of stakeholders to build community around a shared vision “success”. The new rules of engagement demand that we leverage our influence across multiple spheres to forge new partnerships and turn insight into action.


Event Planning & Event Management

We offer full scale event planning and management services including the coordination of pre-event, onsite, and post-event activities.

Small Business Consulting Services

Our team of experts are here to offer range of small business consulting services including: small business startup, legal, social media planning, information technology, marketing, and access opportunities to funding.

Ancillary Services & Referrals

We offer wrap around on-site and referral services through our network of small business owners. Through our PEG network we have small business partners who provide legal services, general construction, micro loans, investment opportunities, technology services, and more.

The Way Forward

As we enter a new decade defined by unprecedented change, the leadership and resiliency of leaders is being challenged like never before. In the wake of what’s been a watershed moment around the world and leaders reset their roadmap for the way forward, how are as leaders at the helm rising up to pivot and steer their companies, communities and culture toward the future coming our way?

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